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INTERACT 2021 is the 18th International Conference promoted by the IFIP Technical Committee 13 on Human–Computer Interaction. INTERACT is held every two years.
The theme of INTERACT 2021 “Sense, Feel, Design” highlights the new challenges of interaction design. Technology is today more and more widespread, pervasive and blended in the world we live in. On one side, devices that sense humans' activities have the potential to provide an enriched interaction. On the other side, the user experience can be further enhanced by exploiting multisensorial technologies. Not only the traditional human senses of vision and hearing, but also senses of touch, smell, and taste, as well as emotions are to be taken into account when designing for future interactions.

INTERACT 2021 represents the right venue to debate such new challenges. Another hot topic of this edition is Human-AI Interaction, focusing on the design of human-centered intelligent systems.

Conference proceedings are published in Springer LNCS series and are available in the Springer Digital Library.

COVID 19 information. INTERACT 2021 is an hybrid conference. People may participate either in-person or online. Different registration fees are defined.

Current restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy require that conference rooms accommodate no more than one third of their regular capacity. This limits the number of people who can attend the conference in-person at the Villa Romanazzi Carducci venue. These restrictions might change as the situation keeps improving, so we might be able to host more participants in-person by the beginning of August. Participants who register for the online option will be able to change later their registration and attend in-person, as long as we stay below the permitted number.

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IFIP – International Federation for Information Processing

IFIP is the leading multinational, apolitical organization in Information & Communications Technologies and Sciences, recognized by United Nations and other world bodies. It represents IT Societies from 56 countries/regions, covering five continents with a total membership of over half a million, and links more than 3500 scientists from Academia & Industry through over 100 Working Groups and 10 Technical Committees.

IFIP aims to develop the science and technology of human–computer interaction (HCI) by encouraging empirical research, promoting the use of knowledge and methods from the human sciences in design and evaluation of computer systems; promoting better understanding of the relationship between formal design methods and system usability and acceptability; developing guidelines, models and methods by which designers may provide better human-oriented computer systems; and, cooperating with other groups, inside and outside IFIP, to promote user-orientation and humanization in system design.

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